Ben Clement: Process Movement
Ben Clement: Process Movement
07: Margot Charbonnier - Unveiling a world of movement and design

07: Margot Charbonnier - Unveiling a world of movement and design

Listen to my conversation with Margot Charbonnier of Grand Bassin - Sample.CM and Petit Bassin in Season 02 of Process Movement.

Hey there, welcome to another episode of conversations with people I truly admire and have had the pleasure of working with and becoming friends with over the years.

So, today I want to introduce you to Margot, an incredible talent who creates and designs conceptual sportswear under the label Grand Bassin, Sample-cm and the newly added Petit Bassin all from her atelier in Berlin. I have one of the Petit Bassin bags and absolutely love it.

Here’s a quick vignette I made about it: Raving in the Trails

I’ve worked with Margot through

. Through the magazine, we’ve featured each collection and in issue 04 her feature story became the cover. If you have issue 04, you’ll already be familiar with Margot’s process and story. And I recommend anyone who loves sitting with either magazine or now this recorded conversation, to get to know all that is Grand Bassin and Margot’s work.

What fascinates me about Margot is her unique way of thinking and creating. In our conversation, I had the chance to dig deeper into her process and explore her relationship with movement—how it intertwines with her artistry.

Enjoy the listen. And if you feel inclined, take a moment to share with a friend and leave a review or comment.

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And as always, thank you for listening.


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Ben Clement: Process Movement
Ben Clement: Process Movement
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