Oct 23, 2022 • 57M

02. Pim Rinkes - On Decision Making & Access

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Process Movement - Where photographer, artist and athlete Ben Clement explores people's relationships with their creative practices. As well as how they move and are active in the world—through art, athleticism and lifestyle.
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In this episode, I speak with Dutch photographer Pim Rinkes who is based in Amsterdam. Where he also spends his time running with the Patta Running Team and co-operates with his agency, OneThingLedToAnother. Pims work has graced the running world with a style that has paved the way for its warmth and connection to athletes and interesting ideas, composition and decisiveness.

Pim is a long-time friend and someone I spend many hours chatting with over our relationship with photography and the visual medium. So it was great to put something down for this episode.


Enjoy the listen.