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January 2023

A website is a home, so is this newsletter. And some thoughts on letting ideas linger a little longer.

October 2022

04. Alice Oehr - An Appetite for CreativityListen now (62 min) | In this episode, I speak with Alice Oehr, who is a Melbourne-based Designer & Illustrator. Alice's style is memorably colourful…
03. Nai Vasha - On ExpressionismListen now (67 min) | In this episode I'm calling my friend in Hawaii Nai Vasha, Vash is an expressionist through and through. An adventurer, ideator…
02. Pim Rinkes - On Decision Making & AccessListen now (57 min) | In this episode, I speak with Dutch photographer Pim Rinkes who is based in Amsterdam. Where he also spends his time running with…
01. Mr Wix - On Fear, Confidence and CuriosityListen now (59 min) | In this episode, I speak with the talented Mr Wix. Who is a Dutch-Surinamese DJ, creative guru, connector and now restaurant owner…

May 2022

Running delights, May 2022.

January 2022

I learnt to love myself through injury.

August 2021

Playfulness, Listening and a series of photographs depicting yoga cues.

January 2021

Finding Balance

December 2020

Absorb, meditate and see.
Wednesday 16th December at Collingwood Yards, Melbourne, AU.